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Ping Pong
Parts of 3D printed model
Head of 3D printed model of King Kong

3D Programmes

Propel your Science Project into the next level with 3D!

3D Design.Model.Print

At Science Matters, we believe that students learn best when they can put concepts and designs to life. We reinforce that belief with our 3D workshops. As a STEM education, 3D printing has the advantage of real world applications and is widely recognised to be the mainstream technology for production in the future. When we introduce 3D modelling and printing to our students, the benefits are many:

  1. Ignites creativity

  2. Provides students with skills for future

  3. Teaches problem solving skills

  4. Enhance student engagement

  5. Supports hands-on learning

Our workshops are designed to open the minds of our students to the possibilities of 3D, in school, as a hobby , in their science projects or simply to have fun! In our workshop our students will be exploring:

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Join our 3D Modelling & Printing Workshop this June Holiday 2024!

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