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About Mrs Jane Chong

Welcome to Science Matters! I am Mrs Jane Chong (some of my students address me as Teacher Jane or Ms Jane or Mrs Jane) and I’d like to tell you about my philosophy in teaching.  It’s simple – I focus on hands-on learning experience and personalised instruction so kids can practise critical thinking and problem solving skills better. And they are free to be creative along the way through a fun, dynamic and interactive learning environment that’s tailored to their learning needs. 

I believe every student has unique talents and abilities and helping them uncover their potential is a responsibility that I take seriously. My source of pride is seeing the spark in my students’ eyes when they discover something new – and seeing them enjoy the learning journey.


I look forward to partnering with you and your kids and I believe my extensive experience in teaching primary school science for over 18 years and having held various leadership positions in education allow me to have a solid understanding of the demands in the academic field. In my prior role as the Department Head for Gifted Education Programme for Math and Science, I implemented innovative programmes to enhance the learning experiences of my students. I also collaborated with colleagues to design a cohesive and engaging science curriculum for primary school students. As an independent practitioner now, I continue to challenge myself every day to ensure I give my utmost best to my students in helping them achieve their potential and embrace learning as a journey they can enjoy.

Mrs Jane Chong teaching


Bachelor of Science (NUS)

Post graduate Diploma in Education (NIE)

Masters in Education (NTU / NIE)

Certified trainer of teachers in E2K (Excellence 2000 Science)

Last position in school

Internal GEP Head of Department (Math & Science)

Other key appointments

Science Subject Head (mainstream)

Health education subject head (mainstream)

Affective education coordinator (GEP)

GEP counselor

Learning journey coordinator


Caring teacher award 2007

Best Department(GEP) 2008

Destination Imagination team manager global champion 2010

CHERISH award - Platinum 2011

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