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Jade Tan

Jade Tan testimony


"I attended teacher Jane’s class at the end of P5, in preparation for PSLE. She made science tuition very interesting by letting us conduct experiments from time to time, which allowed us to grasp the concepts more easily. She also always ensured that all the students had a clear understanding on the topics before moving on, making sure that no one was left behind. I appreciated how she customised the learning materials by creating her own worksheets based on the areas which we needed improvements on. I enjoyed every of her lessons very much! :) - "

Mrs Wong

mother of Michael ACS(P) and Michelle SCGS

"Mrs Jane Chong was able to refine the way my children answered the open ended questions in their science exams by nurturing their thought processes and being rigorous in teaching the correct answering format. She pays attention to details and provides meaningful correction, these are attributes of her small group classes not found in other tuition centers or personal tutors which I had previously tried. This helped my children gain the full allocation of marks for each question. I have Mrs Chong to thank for enabling my children to maximize their full potential in science . Both did well. "

Mrs Wong testimony
Ann testimony


mother of Marcus ACS(P)

"Mrs Chong was an amazing science tuition teacher. My son benefited a lot from her tuition class. Her explanation was very clear and concise. She is very kind and my son felt every comfortable asking questions. He enjoyed and always looked forward to going to her class."

Asher Ong


"My science results had improved tremendously since I went to Teacher Jane for group tuition in the second half of P5. I was not satisfied with my results because I lost a lot of marks in the structured questions. I used to score AL2 or AL3 during tests and exams in school. After attending the tuition with Teacher Jane, I could consistently do well in both the MCQ and structured questions. I managed to achieve an AL1 for PSLE in 2021! Thank you Teacher Jane. "

Asher Ong testimony

Ching Yee

Ching Yee testimony

mother of Joash ACS (P) and Kaitlyn CHIJ St Nic

"We really appreciate Teacher Jane in her efforts and patience to teach my two children. Not only is she a wonderful and knowledgeable teacher, but she also cares for her students with all her heart and prays for their well-being wholeheartedly. We are glad to have met her in our learning journey! My son had scored A* for his PSLE Science 2 years ago and my daughter is having her PSLE this year. I’m sure that she will excel under Teacher Jane’s guidance and love."

Caitlin & Samuel

twins from NYPS

"We joined Mrs Chong in Term 2 of our P6 year. She is very skilled and experienced in Science. She reinforced the important concepts learnt from P3 and helped us work on our answering techniques. She is a very patient teacher and takes time to clarify concepts we had trouble with. Thank you Mrs Chong for helping us do well in our PSLE science exams! And for making the lessons interesting and enjoyable."

Caitlin & Samuel testimony
Cayden Lim testimony

Cayden Lim


"Ms Jane is a very experienced and patient tutor who made me enjoy her science lessons. She creates her own notes which are extremely concise and to the point, and they were especially helpful right before PSLE as I could easily skim through the notes. She delivered the lesson with virtuosity and she explained all the concepts clearly and clarified my doubts. She also replies my queries promptly, even on the night before PSLE. Her class improved my grades from an A to an A star, and I had much confidence for the exams as everything has been explained with crystal clarity. I would highly recommend her to anyone as she really gave me the confidence I needed for my exams."

Kayla Wong


" Although I was not actually looking forward to starting tuition classes for science when I was in P5, I actually really enjoyed my lessons with Ms Jane and started to appreciate and enjoy science as a subject, I also did very well in school and in PSLE for science. Even now, after my whole Sec 1 year, I still really enjoy science and am still doing very well and I feel it all started with Ms Jane."

Kayla Wong testimony
Ming testimony


mother of Sarah AMKP

"Teacher Jane is a very caring and patient teacher. When my daughter, Sarah, first came to Teacher Jane in P4, she had a lot of misconceptions in Science but Teacher Jane patiently helped to correct them. She also spent extra time with Sarah to help her in exam questions and extra practices and gave me good advice on selecting an appropriate secondary school for her. I am grateful to have found Teacher Jane. She was not only a teacher but a mentor to my daughter."

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