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Holiday Programmes
June 2024

Take a look at what Science Matters have in store for you this coming school holidays.

Sandy Beach

Enriching School Workshops

Stationary photo


For P6 students

*FULL Concise concept revision and answering techniques for the topics of: 

  • Light and shadows

  • Heat and temperature

  • Sources and forms of energy

  • Energy conversion

  • Energy in food (photosynthesis and respiration)

Session 1 ($395): Over 4 days on 3rd June, 4th June, 5th June and 6th June at 9am – 11am *FULL

For P6 students

*FULL Concise concept revision and answering techniques for the topics of:

  • Forces

  • Living together

  • Food chains and food webs

  • Adaptations

Session 1 ($395): Over 4 days on 10th June, 11th June, 12th June  and 13th June at 9am – 11am *FULL

Mountain Ridge

Interactions Revision

Pink Sugar

Science Process SKills

For P5/P6 students

*FULLTackle questions on experiments with ease by recognising the various questions types and applying the appropriate answer structures.

Session 1 ($110): 7th June, 9am – 11am*FULL

For P5/P6 students

*FULLConcise concept revision and answering techniques for the topics of:

  • Reproduction in plants

  • Reproduction in humans

  • Water and changes in state

  • Water cycle

Session1 ($295): Over 3 days on 3rd June, 4th June and 5th June at 11.30am – 1.30pm*FULL

Digital art exhibit



For P5/P6 students

*FULLConcise concept revision and answering techniques for the topics of:

  • Cells

  • Plant Transport system

  • Air and respiratory system

  • Circulatory system

  • Digestive system

Session 1 ($295): Over 3 days on 10th June, 11th June and 12th June at 11.30am – 1.30pm*FULL

For P3/P4 students

*FULLTackle questions on identifying variables, constructing the aim of the experiment, relationship between variables, fair test and reliability of the results.

Session 1 ($110): 7th June, 11.30am – 1.30pm*FULL

Abstract Linear Background



Unlocking STEM Wonders: 3D workshop experiences 

3D workshop Basic.jpeg

3D Foundational

FOR all STudents

3D Foundational Workshop ($450)  2 Days, 4 hours daily.

1st & 2nd Jun 2024: 10:00AM ~ 12:00PM , 1:00PM ~ 3:00PM


Day 1, 1st Jun 2024  10:00AM ~ 12:00PM

  • Introduction to 3D modelling and printing

  • Real world application: AR versus VR

  • Introduction to resources for 3D models and modelling software

  • Introduction to TinkerCad

Day 1, 1st Jun 2024  1:00PM ~ 3:00PM

  • 3D modelling using TinkerCad

  • Progressive hands-on exercises to learn basic vector drawing with basic shapes

  • Project work - Design your own race car

Day 2, 2nd Jun 2024 10:00AM ~ 12:00PM

  •  Project work - Design your own car part 2

  • 3D printer software - Slicing, modelling, brimming and support basics

  • 3D printer hardware - Introduction to basic 3D printer setups and prints such as filament types, loading and unloading, print plate checks and bed levelling

  • 3D Print out 3D creation in single or 2 colors!

Day 2, 2nd Jun 2024 1:00PM ~ 3:00PM

  •  3D scanning introduction - Create your own 3D model head bust!

  • Introduction to Meshmixer and Blender software

  • Racing with 3D printed race car

Each students will have hands-on experience in preparing and printing their 3D models, with 2 students sharing one 3D printer. Laptops and other equipment will be provided.

FOR STUDENTS with 3D experience*

*Prequisites apply, please read below

3D Adventure - Sword Making($390) 2 Days, 4 hours daily

8 & 9th Jun 2024: 10:00AM ~ 12:00PM , 1:00PM ~ 3:00PM

Why Sword Making? 

The traditional art of swordsmithing, usually taught only to a few, is a difficult craft that marries form and function. Thankfully with modern technology(hint: 3D printers!), the process is simplified. Learning to make a Katana can offer valuable lessons to a child, mastering craftsmanship, precision and patience. You can expect to learn:

1. Modifying existing 3D models

2. Creating functional joints to give strength and balance

3. Techniques to hide gaps and layer lines

4. Create your own unique Tsuba(sword guard)

5. Sword assembly, polishing and fitting

Best of all, you will feel like a swordsmith when you bring home your very own katana! Sword making is a captivation blend of science and art and wholly amazing experience that is unforgettable.

*Who should join?

Students who have gone through 3D modelling and printing workshops, or are proficient with TinkerCAD and 3D printing. *Important* Students with no prior experience will struggle with the lessons.

All of our HOLIDAY  workshops are full!

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to see you for our end of year workshops in Nov/Dec!

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